Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thanks for Everything!

I have been in CESL for two terms. I have met with many people from different countries and different cultures. It is incredible that these people communicate and get on well with each other very well. I spent such a wonderful five months with these people in Carbondale. I enjoyed a lot every single day. For this reason, it is very difficult for me to say a memorable one. However, I can say that my first term was especially amazing. I was trying to adjust myself with new friends and environment. Normally, it is expected to be very difficult; however, it was very easy for me. People were very friendly and helpful. I want to say that I met two people who are very special for me. We went to Chicago for three days by car. We enjoyed a lot during this trip. Chicago was very cold and windy city. Anyway, I can say that it was awesome vacation for me. We visited many place for three days. During this trip, some friends who live in Chicago accompanied us. They made this trip very easy for us. I will never forget their friendship for whole my life. I am very grateful for having their friendship. I want to say “thanks” to all of my friends that they made me happy for every single day in Carbondale.

family ties...

I want to talk about Turkish family ties. In my culture, parents do not allow to move out to the children before marriage from home. If there is not any obligation such as school, job, or military, children must live with their parents. This tradition helps the society with many ways. For instance, some young people cannot control themselves when they have freedom. They get used to some bad habits or jobs for example alcohol, drugs, prostitution, or mafia. Because of the parent’s life experience, they may assist to find right way to the children. It is certain that parents never want to happen bad things to their children. They also help their child to find the right person in their life. Especially teenagers do not have responsibility with their early age. This life style also supports economy. Family members can share all kind of expenses; thus, they can save money and time for their needs. For instance, People lose their job during the economic crises. However, they have to pay their bills, rents. When they live with their family, they may protect themselves against the life risks. In my country, we have 13 percent unemployment rate. Unfortunately, it rises up every day more and more. However, we don’t have any riots or demonstrations to the economic crises. Because of family member support each other all the time. Another important point the house rents do not increase that much. If everybody tries to live alone, people would need more houses and the rents will increase. I think family ties helps to safe the society and children from dangers.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

just one week..

I have too much this kind of situations. One of them was five months ago. I was planning to come to U.S. It was my last month for my job. However, there was a very big pipeline project in the south east of Turkey. I was working last 3 months for this project. At the end, I have to invite two engineers from Germany. We had to offer solutions for this pipeline to the very big energy company. I had to stay more than one thousand mile away from my home for one week. It was not the only problem. We had to live that place which is hotter than 113 Fahrenheit. The biggest problem for me, during this one week I had to speak English. It was frustrating for me. I had started to prepare my luggage to go U.S; however, I had to go before this damn place . I suggested to my manager to join us, because, engineers are very important people for my company. Their impressions were also very important for future projects and relationship with my company. She said to me that she would not be even in Turkey, because, she was going to U.S. for her vacation. The situation was getting worse for me. I had to do everything by myself such as renting car, finding place for dinners, and sightseeing plans. I can say that it would be the worst week of my life. During day and night, we had to use air condition because of the hot weather. However, when we go to sightseeing there was no air condition. We had to go very dangerous places. Sometimes, we entered into pipeline. There was a methane gas risk inside. One technician was measuring methane gas level all the time. Sometimes we entered some places under 35000 volt risk. By the way, we had to wear camouflage, boat, helmet and glass at this hot weather. Two days after, I had a very bad backache because of the hot weather and air condition. The places which we visited either very hot weather or very cold air condition weather. Finally, we had finished the project in one week. Thanks God, I was still alive.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

It is Valentine’s Day, not Ours!.

Honestly, I do not like this kind of special days such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. I think that these days are commercial days for some people. They want more commercialize it with media. Many seller uses these days for getting more profit. Restaurants, bars, florists, some shops increase their prices sometimes four or five times. They think that lovers are foolish. I can say that these special days are stressful for me. It is very difficult to find right present for me. Sometimes people buy some present such as clothes or accessories, which do not fit the other people. It is trouble to change it with suitable one. I heard that some shops ask people to buy their present if they do not like it. I chose some presents before, but they did not cover her expectations. It was very funny. One times, I had given a gold necklace to my girlfriend with my compliment and she asked me whether it is gold or not. It is weird story in my mind. Once, I bought a sport shoes for my girlfriend. I remembered her shoe size truly, but saleswoman had put on the bag two of the same side. They prepared very fancy box, and I gave it to my girlfriend. Finally, we had figured out that we had two same side shoes. However, it was late. It took two weeks to change them with normal one. This is my other Valentine’s Day story. In my opinion, if you want to give a present or make people happy, there is no need to wait special day to do it. I think it is better to make people happy when they do not expect it. By the way, I have trouble to chose the right present. Sometimes, it took too much time to choose one. This Valentine’s Day is Saturday; therefore, people will have a chance to give their present and flowers with their hand. When Valentine‘s day are weekday, It is big possibility that many people send flowers to workplace. If one gets flower from her boyfriend in company. It may cause very strong discussions for other girls and their partners. It is certain that their partner will hear some complain about it.:)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shadows In A Mirror!

I was working a big lighting project in Saudi Arabia. The lighting systems were designed by a Germany Company. All products of the project and lighting systems were very special and unique. It was a very big tent which we had to illuminate with lighting fixtures mounted on very big poles. It was an indirect lighting project and we would provide indirect lighting with round mirrors. The specification of the projects was prepared in English. We were planning to offer in one mount. I was trying to figure out all details of this project with my limited English. The most important part of this project was mirrors. It was not described well. I gathered all information such as the lighting calculations, products prices, and products specifications. I searched for mirrors about one week; however, I could not find good mirrors in the Turkish Market. I looked for other countries on the internet, but there was not any solution. It was so special mirrors, which nobody could produce it. At the same time, I could not find anybody who knew about this kind of lighting systems. Finally, the deadline of the quotation just came out. I had to present our solutions to our general manager, but I was still confusing about mirrors. I only could find two mirror producers, which they might produce for us similar mirrors. I think you may know these mirrors, which are used for to help to the drivers if they cannot see other cars in crossroads. Unfortunately, my superior English had led me into an error. I had misunderstood the construction of the mirror, which is exactly a metal aluminum reflector. It was not a glass made mirror. I had to concede that I had made a big mistake. I had gone wrong way for one week. I felt too bad, because of this misunderstanding. I had disappeared in front of the mirror.

Monday, January 26, 2009


I think when people grow up; friends and observations affect their characters. Families generally affect on children characters at early age, but community and friends always define it. I have graduated many school and course. However, when I started to professional business life after my university education, I found out that it was totally different and difficult than my knowledge and experiences. I learned very much from my bosses, managers, coworkers, friends in business life. I am not sure that he is the most influence on my life or not, but it is certain that he affected my life very much. I am talking about one of my colleague, who was an electrical engineer like me. I had hired him three years ago. He was responsible about export and import of electronic products. He can speak and write English fluently. He had been out of the country for two and half years. At first, he was a coherent, diligent, passionate, humoristic person. I had been teaching him every details of job. It was his first experience as an engineer. He was one of my eight colleagues. I liked him very much; therefore, I had been telling to raise his salary to the general manager all the time. He was planning to marry in one year. I think, he had some problem with his fiancĂ© and financially. I still don’t know actual reasons; however, he started to change himself after six months. He started doing bad things such as to accuse other employees, to complain about everything. Anyway, he affected my life very much, because I have started to study English intensely. Afterwards, He resigned his job after one year. Unfortunately, I had to do his work too. By the way, I improved my English a lot. I was planning to study in abroad at that time, because, I knew that I would improve more with this way. It will be more efficient for my career. Now I am doing one part of my plan here. And I am very happy to do that. Now we still friends with him, because we have been into the same ship.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


It was 1983. There was a very big economic crisis in Turkiye. For this reason, my father had to work in another city. My mother and I were living very far away from my father’s home. When I was 5 years old, my mother and I went to Istanbul. She was cleaning the whole house. She was very busy. I remember that I wanted to go out, because staying at home was very boring for me. I was walking in the street. I did not know this place well. I did not go very far away. It was very big city. There was a very big bazaar on the street.
Afterward, I saw a seller in the bazaar and he was selling assorted candy. I immediately went to home and asked my mother to buy for me candy. She said that she was very busy; therefore, she would not buy it for me. I started crying; because, she used to love me very much. She gave me a big amount of money, which might be all of her money. I eventually found that peddler in the bazaar. I bought all kinds of candy with that money. He and I were very happy with this shopping; however, my mother was not. I had spent all of my mother’s money. Later, my mother searched that man in the bazaar but she could not find him. She was very angry to me. Whenever I see a candy store, I always remember my mother.